Packing Different Items


Heavy cylinders should be strapped to a pallet, being sure to avoid overhang. Make your pallet stackable. Lighter tubeshaped items can be packed in a triangular shipping tube.


Large unpackaged items should be strapped to a pallet. You can then build a protective wooden frame around them or cover with an overturned box. Use additional padding to protect any sharp exposed edges.


Sharp items must be wrapped in protective padding before being placed in a box. Never allow anything to protrude from a packed box, as it risks getting damaged when stacked. If necessary, use a larger box or consider a pallet.


Maximum weight and dimensions vary per service. For shipments exceeding 2.4m x 1.2m x 1.5m (L x W x H) or 500 kg, please contact Customers service.


Remove old labels. Find a flat surface to affix your routing label and any special handling labels required. On materials like wood, rubber or fabric, use additional tape, staples or glue to secure your labels.