How long does my consignment take ?

Shipments normally take the below transit time. We count this from the day after it is picked up. I.e if it is picked up on a Monday the tracking days count from Tuesday and are counted in working days.
Europe:- 2-3 days
Australia:-  3-4 days
USA and Canada:- 3-5 days
South East Asia:- 2-3 days
Rest of World:- 5-7 days
Note: Due to Covid Delivery times have extended which we are working hard with airlines to reduce but delays are expected.

What happens if my shipment is not tracking ?

Should you shipment not be tracking 24 hours after getting your tracking number please feel free to contact us. This is very rare and we will, assist you ASAP.

Why has my shipment gone to a country that is not where i am ?

Due to our vast global network shipments transfer through our multiple hubs around the world. As an example a shipment being sent from Bangkok to USA may travel from Bangkok to Singapore to France to Miami before being processed. Don’t worry we move every thing via air so it happens very fast.

My shipment has still not arrived after the estimated delivery time ?

We post an estimated delivery date on the website within 24 hours of your shipment leaving the origin. Please DO NOT aim to make contact within the Estimated Delivery time as we will be unable to provide any further update other than what is showing on the website.
Do however contact us if it has gone past the Estimated Delivery Window.

Who should I contact if my shipment is lost or damaged ?

When you shipment turns up and you find an issue with the product that may be damaged or you suspect lost please contact your shipper at origin so they can help follow up.

My shipment has not moved from customs in a number of days what do I do ?

On the tracking site if you see a shipment that has been stuck in customs for more than 24 hours please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help resolve the issue with you.

How to find out when your parcel is delivered?

Upon delivery, you will receive a notification of the delivery details or a signature.Our tracking website will display all the delivery details of your parcel.

What happens if my shipment has been returned ?

From time to time shipments get returned to one of our many global hubs a member of our team will process the package and either resend it out or send it to a new address. We will need confirmation from the shipper in such cases.